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Here’s how it works

A phone displaying the Stampuno logo with a download process bar 1

Go to your app store

Pick your mobile platform or search "Stampuno" in your app store

Stampuno arrow
Scanning a barcode through a mobile 2

Add your loyalty cards

Scan them or enter their code to store them on your phone

Stampuno arrow
Displaying scanned barcode 3

Present your card

Now your card can display on your phone when needed

Stampuno Mobile Loyalty Cards Wallet App

A notepad displaying phrases which say that the app contains no ads, no notifications, and is totally free

A free app

Handy, light & battery-friendly

A girl holding a phone displaying Stampuno logo and surrounded by loyalty cards and arrows pointing to the phone

Digitise your cards

on your phone to preserve them

A phone displaying organised loyalty cards with a magnifying glass over the cards

Easily locate

your cards when you need them

Secure shield


GDPR-compliant & respects your privacy

Business? Create your own digital loyalty system with Stampuno Partners

A hand is clicking a button on a phone to issue stamps for a customer

Reward your customers per item, per visit or on spending

A loyalty card with a crown on it

Create a modern loyalty scheme instantly & start monitoring results

Three customers standing behind a checkmark

Retain your customers & have more repeated visits

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