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Why is Stampuno Loyalty Cards App leaving Microsoft Store?

Microsoft Store super hero

TLDR; We are removing Stampuno Loyalty Cards App from Microsoft Store on the 16th of November 2018.

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Loyalty card apps that bit the dust: Beepn'Go, Loyalive & their alternatives

A graveyard with three graves, each having a photo of a discontinued loyalty card app

We were keeping a close eye in the loyalty card apps domain, way before launching Stampuno app, we are far away from saying “we have seen it all”, but we have seen plenty of loyalty apps succeeding and plenty that didn’t make it.

In the era when users got accustomed to free apps, loyalty card apps became hard to monetise and we think that this is the reason why the apps below failed, but we can only speculate.

Below we talk about Beep’nGo, Loyalive and AppStyle. We also present Stampuno as a viable alternative; did you think we were going to present a different alternative? :)

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Why doesn't my loyalty card app work in all stores?

A disappointed woman standing at a supermarket till displaying a loyalty card on her phone and the cashier is trying to scan it

Imagine this, you get your shopping items and happily head to the till; you get your phone and display the supermarket’s loyalty card on Stampuno app, with a big grin on your face. The cashier tries to scan it many times to no avail, so he enters the numbers manually.

But the same card worked at the other branch. Perhaps, you reason that the app just doesn’t work in certain places, such a faulty app!

If I had a penny for every time we get a related support ticket. If this issue can be sorted at our end, then we would have fixed it rather than blogging about it…

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