Loyalty card apps that bit the dust: Beepn'Go, Loyalive & their alternatives

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We were keeping a close eye in the loyalty card apps domain, way before launching Stampuno app, we are far away from saying “we have seen it all”, but we have seen plenty of loyalty apps succeeding and plenty that didn’t make it.

In the era when users got accustomed to free apps, loyalty card apps became hard to monetise and we think that this is the reason why the apps below failed, but we can only speculate.

Below we talk about Beep’nGo, Loyalive and AppStyle. We also present Stampuno as a viable alternative; did you think we were going to present a different alternative? :)

Beep’nGo (September 2013, May 2017)

Beep’nGo provides the users the ability to store all their loyalty, gift and membership cards right on their phones and display them at the till to be scanned. The app provided an additional feature for Android’s Samsung Galaxy phones which they referred to as “beaming” and in some versions it was installed by default.

Beaming was their selling point as they overcame the laser barcode scanner limitation, but because the hardware used is only available on Samsung Galaxy phones, this feature is limited to these phones.

Mobeam, a Silicon Valley company and the maker of the app, was trying to be the mobile wallet unicorn, but years later, unfortunately, we realise this is not the case. Mobeam was heavy on patents and the last time we checked Mobeam had 12 registered patents in the EU.

Quoting the company’s final statement on their website:

Today, we’re announcing that after 7 years of helping our customers and users create true mobile wallet experiences, we will be discontinuing Mobeam’s services. Although current users may continue to use the Beep n’ Go application until further notice, we will no longer provide updates for the app. While it’s difficult to say goodbye, we’re very thankful for having the rewarding experience of sharing Mobeam with the world and are excited about the opportunities ahead.

They announced Beep’nGo retirement on the app’s website. The announcement, judging by the design, was made in a hurry, I imagine they gave the webmaster this to publish quickly days before the company shut down. It is worth noting that Beep’nGo was an Android and we think they had to stay Android only as Mobeam had a special relationship with Samsung, so going on iPhone and Windows Phone was not a viable option. Maybe this was a reason of their closure?

Stampuno app is not strictly an alternative to Beep’nGo, however, in comparison to the UK market, we have more card issuers and our cards testing is naturally heavier as we use the cards ourselves and eat our own dog food. Also, we have high street shops and independent businesses loyalty cards and not just the big guys.

Loyalive (July 2015, Aug 2016)

The app looked beautiful with many cards ready to pick at your fingertips, they have even displayed some loyalty card points for some issuers. Loyalive announced nothing but effectively they stopped communicating back in 2016 and their last Tweet was on 10 Aug 2016. Their website is currently having a security issue, and the app has been pulled out from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Loyalive is a UK-based company, established in 2015, the reason of discontinuing the app is unclear, but our guess is that the team behind it, Apptivation, put good effort as the app is well engineered and their UX was spot on but it wasn’t producing enough revenue.

From what Loyalive described on their website, Stampuno app has most of Loyalive features and it is a perfect alternative. Stampuno also adds support for the Windows Phone and Windows Desktop platforms. As Loyalive is no longer on the app stores, we were not able to do a thorough features comparison.

AppStyle (May 2014, Feb 2016)

Judging by their Facebook page and by their last Tweet AppStyle last news were on Feb 2017. Their website is for sale as well by one of the host parking companies.
AppStyle is a UK based company in Leeds, they focused on white labeling their loyalty cards app. What happened? Was being a loyalty card app not a good business, we are yet to learn.

It is hard to say if Stampuno is an alternative to AppStyle or not as most of the resources about AppStyle have disappeared.

If you’re aware of a fact or two of the direct reason of discontinuing of these apps, then please let us know in the comment below as we are curious to understand the immediate reasons.

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